First Pen

First Pen

This was the first pen I ever turned in Marcus' Wood 2 class. It is a Red Gum blank with a Big Ben pen kit. The day after I finished it I submitted it as part of my portfolio review as an example of executed craft for a post-grad opportunity and the reviewers had never seen a pen displayed there, so they liked being able to hold and test it out. I enjoyed the process of pen turning so much, as did the rest of the class, that Marcus and Heather, one of the class TAs, took the time to prep another round of blanks so anyone in the class could make another pen if we wanted. It is wonderful that the teaching staff of the wood 2 Tuesday class was able to accommodate expanding the syllabus to make an extra project for our last day of class because we were excited about making pens rather than it just being a finish up your projects day.

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