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Open to all entries 21+ in the 106 KHQ Listening Area.


Submit predictions for final score of the big game, the names of potential guests that you believe Usher will feature during his halftime performance, as well as the number of times that Taylor Swift gives the TV Cameras a death-glare from kickoff to the end of the game, as judged by 106 KHQ's Ashley Z.


Person closest to the correct prediction in each of the three categories will win a prize.


Closest to final score: Prize TBD

Closest to Usher guests: Prize TBD

Closest to Taylor Death Glares: 2 Chiefs-colored Stanley Mugs (colors may vary)


All entries must be submitted by Noon on Sunday, February 11th.


Winners announced on Monday Morning, February 12th on the 106 KHQ Morning Show with Ashley Z.

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